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Our Mission

FGTYM, Full Gospel Tabernacle Youth Ministry, hosts teens from ages 13 through 17 years old. This ministry provides positive role models who support teens’ emotional, physical and spiritual needs. Our mission is to reach our young people and support them in having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This ministry gives Teenagers an opportunity to analyze scriptures, share how their lives apply to scriptures, and discuss current events in relation to the scriptures. In addition, this ministry provides teens with a safe space to talk about real life topics, as well as the real life challenges they face on a daily basis. Next time you are in the area stop by and see what we provide.

Saywalah & Gwen Kesselly

Saywalah and Gwen Kesselly were appointed Youth Ministry Leaders in December 2020. Both have been faithfully serving in Full Gospel Tabernacle for the past 36 years and 40 years respectively.


Upcoming Events

Youth Fellowship

Youth, you are invited to the Youth Fellowship every month.

Contact Us

Sunday youth classes are in person. For more information on the Youth Fellowship, contact us at

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