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Our Mission

The Goal of this Ministry to bring hope and healing to the church community. This will be accomplished through Biblical teaching and principles. The objective of the Care Ministry is to support the church family in Spiritual Maturity and Emotional Health and Wellness.

Carlene Hamilton

We strive to support members in spiritual maturity. We are biblically based and as such, help members find answers to their respective life challenges directly through scriptures and the teaching of God’s word.
Team members are licensed and degree holding counselors, however, our framework for the ministry in which we serve is centered on biblical principles and the teaching of Christ. Ultimately, our goal is to encourage spiritual growth and maturity.
With our team of God gifted empathetic providers we will serve you from a biblical perspective with a behavioral framework.
We will not be treating psychosis nor will we be diagnosing mental illness. Nonetheless, if we think a referral for therapeutic intervention is needed, we will be supportive in finding you a Christian Counselor/Clinician.


Are you struggling? Can we help you?

Let’s start here…Take the first step and contact us! Here are three ways in which you can:

      • Complete the attached form below
      • Call or Leave a message at 718-304-5246
      • Email:

Please note: If you have an emergency call 911, or go to the nearest hospital.

Care Services

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Individual Care

Family & Group Care

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