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Leadership Team

Carlus & Marguerite Hamilton | PASTORS

Carlus and Marguerite are originally from Jamaica, West Indies. Carlus came to the USA in 1976 and began attending Full Gospel Tabernacle in 1977. He served as an Usher. Marguerite came to the USA in 1978. They were married in September 1988, and Marguerite began attending Full Gospel Tabernacle in October 1988. Carlus was ordained an Elder in 1993. Elder Carlus served as the Dean of the School of Ministry for many years. He was also one of the construction workers who assisted in building Full Gospel Tabernacle’s new church at the time.

Marguerite served in the Children’s Church, Vacation Bible School, and Membership Class as Teacher. She has been the Intercessory Prayer Ministry Leader for many years, and still leads it. She has also overseen the Ushers and Greeters Ministries for many years, and still do.
Carlus and Marguerite Hamilton were ordained and installed as Pastors of Full Gospel Tabernacle on January 15, 2017. Pastors Carlus and Marguerite’s main purposes are to forge ahead in God’s purpose for Full Gospel Tabernacle, strengthen, equip and support the church families in fulfilling the call of God on their lives, and provide support to the community in whatever capacity possible.

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The Full Gospel Tabernacle Eldership Team


James & Irene Keegan | ELDERS



Jovany & Maria Pinto | ELDERS

Jovany and Maria Pinto are Elders of Full Gospel Tabernacle. Jovany is originally from Ecuador. He came to the USA at the age of 18. He began attending Full Gospel in 1978. Maria was born in Manhattan, New York. She began attending Full Gospel Tabernacle in 1983. Jovany and Maria were married in 1985. They joined the Pastoral Team in 1993. Elders Jovany and Maria are the Worship Pastors, and together, they have been overseeing the Music and Arts Ministry for many years. Elder Jovany has assisted in training and developing new musicians on various instruments. Elders Jovany and Maria have participated in the planning of the various musical and evangelistic events throughout the years. They have been responsible for the development of the spiritual growth of the members of the Worship Team through teaching, training, discussions, encouragement, and prayer. Elders Jovany and Maria have been composers and writers of many worship songs sung in Full Gospel Tabernacle for many years.


Carmen Ayala | ELDER

Carmen Garcia-Ayala was born in Brooklyn, New York. In 1976, Carmen’s parents were in a car crash that totaled their car, which is what brought Carmen to Arverne, New York. In 1976, Carmen gave her heart to the Lord while watching the television show the 700 club. Not too long thereafter, the follow up call to go to a local church came from Tony Castro from Full Gospel Tabernacle. She then received a visit from Bro. Carman, which led her to attend Full Gospel Tabernacle in 1977. Carmen is passionate about the teaching of the Word and worshiping God. She is a member of the Worship Team, and oversees the Drama Team. In 2020, Carmen was ordained as an Elder in Full Gospel Tabernacle, and appointed Dean of the School of Ministry.


Fred & Yvonne Frazier | ELDERS

Fred and Yvonne Frazier are Elders of Full Gospel Tabernacle. Fred is originally from Jamaica, Queens. Yvonne is originally from Manhattan, New York. They first came to Full Gospel Tabernacle in 1995. Fred’s passion is to serve and help where needed. In 2020, they were ordained as Elders. Together, they served as the Young Adult Leaders for about 15 years. Fred also participated in the Hospitality Ministry, led the Men’s Ministry alongside Elder John, and is now the Media Ministry Leader. Before becoming an Elder, Yvonne served in various capacities, through prayer and teaching. Their passion is to share the good news of the Gospel and assist young people in knowing their purpose in life, and achieving their goals. Their prayer is that Full Gospel Tabernacle will continue to engage the community with the love of Jesus in impactful ways. Their current role at Full Gospel Tabernacle along with the Pastoral Team is to pray and serve the church as we all continue to grow in the Word and in the knowledge of God.


John & Gloria Otoo | ELDERS

John and Gloria Otoo are Elders at Full Gospel Tabernacle. Originally, from Ghana, West Africa, they relocated to the United States of America in 1995. Both were born-again Christians, and filled with the Holy Spirit. John, a building contractor, and Gloria, a registered nurse by profession, were looking for a place of worship as first timers in the United States. Two weeks after landing on the Rockaway Peninsula, they were led to Full Gospel Tabernacle, and have been a part of this family ever since. After completing the process of becoming members of the church, and attending Full Gospel Tabernacle for a number of years, John and Gloria were asked to lead their area Life Group, and in 2016, they were appointed Deacons. While serving with joy, the Lord found it fit to ordain the couple into the Body of Elders of the church in 2020. Elder John currently leads the Men’s Ministry alongside Elder Fred, and Elder Gloria currently oversees the Communion Ministry, is a member of the Intercessory Prayer Ministry, and an assistant to the leadership of the Women’s Ministry. Elders John and Gloria are passionate about seeing lives transformed through prayer, the application of the Word of God, and service to the community.

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